Sunday, February 24, 2013

Adoption Committee

My initial intent was to start a separate blog, solely devoted to our adoption process, but that has not happened...obviously.  Instead, I rarely write about the adoption, and the posts I do write involving the subject are dispersed among other posts about fitness, family and ridiculousness.  Sorry.

Here is what has happened and what is currently going on:

Dec. 22nd - Home study was complete and we became certified
January 10- We were matched with 2 boys (brothers, 3 and 4 yrs old)

Once you are "matched" you get the children's bios, stating why they came into foster care, all family history that is known, education/special needs, etc.  After you read their bios, you tell the case worker if you are still interested in the children.  If you are, you then begin the process of collecting further info (talking to their foster parents, requesting school tests, sometimes even speaking to their teachers, doctor's reports...etc.) 

So, this has been going on since January.  Once you collect all information available, you then decide:
 A.  No longer interested/do not believe it is a good match for your family  or
 B.  Still interested and wanting to "go to committee" for the children

The phrase "going to committee" is a bit misleading, because Dan and I are not actually present at the committee meeting.  Our adoption worker is the one actually going and representing our family.  The children's case worker is at committee and has narrowed it down to the families that she feels would be best for the children.  Out of the many many home studies she received, she chose us as one of the best matches, which is very encouraging, since we were worried my health concerns would make it hard to get a match.  At committee they present our family to a panel of children advocates/social workers and they decide if we are the best match for the boys.

 There can, however, be up to 3 families total at the committee.  We do not know if there are 2 other families involved, we just know it is a possibility.  The reason I have refrained from getting too excited and spilling all the info is because there is still a chance we may not be chosen.  If we are chosen, we would begin visitations, and then they would move into our home.

After a lot of prayer, phone conversations with the foster mother, and conversations with each other, Dan and I decided we do want to "go to committee".  We just kept waiting for God to lead us in a certain direction; to show us any red flags that would make it clear it wasn't the best choice, or to open our hearts and minds to see that it very well could be a great match.  He did the latter, so we will continue on this journey and trust that if we are meant to be their parents we will be chosen, and if we are not, they will be placed with the right family. 

 I don't think it would be right for me to give any more information on the boys until we know if we are chosen, but I would love prayers and positive thoughts.   Committee should take place on March 14th and we will find out that day.