Tuesday, November 23, 2010


                                           We added another member to the Walker family.

                                                        And we shall call him....ROBOT.

Dan has had this dream (for the past 3 yrs) of owning a mini weiner dog and naming him Robot.  He was very specific in his requirements for the dog.  1. It must be male  2.  It must be short haired 3.  It must be a solid color 4.  It must be light colored  5.  It must be playful, but not stupid.

Living in a small town does not leave many choices of breeders, but after searching all over the internet and waiting quite a while we finally found a dog that met all the criteria. 

When I called Dan at work to tell him of this amazing discovery he told me he didn't have time to "deal with this crap", so I assumed that was the end.  But then he came home that night with a puppy hidden in his coat.  What a trickster!

So now we have Princess, Suki and Robot.  Aside from Dan being allergic to the cat (and Robot shitting on the floor constantly) things are going well :)  Princess and Robot are best buds.  They play together, share food, fight each other, sleep on the same doggy bed, and tag team Suki.  The only thing unpleasant about their relationship is that Princess (our female dog) tends to hump the new puppy.  No, this isn't a new thing for Princess;  she used to hump our female cat constantly, so I guess I should be kind of relieved that she's now attracted to her own species.  But still, it's a puppy which makes it kind of disturbing.  And she's a female.  That's supposed to be the male's job.  I'm just going to chaulk it up to her coming from an abused home and being very lonely.  Poor girl.   I'm glad she has a new friend.

                                                             Aint' that the sweetest thing?

Even though I hate dachshunds and think they are hideous, I'm sort of in love with Robot.  He's pretty darn cute.  I'm sure he'll be ugly when he's older, but by then I'll be so emotionally invested in him that it won't matter.

My favorite thing about him are his soft, dumbo ears.  I love how they flop around and blow in the wind when he runs.

Cute story involving Adalee and Robot:  Dan was showing Adalee how the puppy plays tug of war.  He got out a towel and showed Adalee how Robot pulls on it with his teeth.  He then handed it to Adalee and asked if she wanted to try.  She said, "No thanks.  I don't like putting towels in my mouth"
:)  Oh, it made us laugh. 

                            And now a double dose of cuteness in the form of pictures. Enjoy!

Adalee loves making "beds" for the puppy

                                         Adalee put a stuffed seal, her scarf, and a blanket
                                                   in a shoebox for Robot.  He loved it