Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Friend With the Glasses

Adalee has an incredible memory.  Like, scary good.  She is always saying "Remember....?"  And it's always some obscure memory that I have to rack my brain to retrieve.

Recently, I bought some pistachios and mixed nuts.  The kind with the shells still on.  While we were putting them in the cart her face lit up and she excitedly asked me, "Are those for me to play with?!"  Ummm....No.  "Why would you play with these?  These are nuts.  We eat these"  And she said, "No.  We spin them!"  I had no clue what she was talking about so I laughed it off and finished shopping. 

When we got home she was so excited and kept asking when she could play with them.  After me questioning where she got that idea, she finally said "But I really want to spin them like my friend with the glasses!"  She was so frustrated with me at this point.  "You remember my friend with the glasses spins them on the table?!" 

Was she at a play date and she found one on the floor or something...and her friend spun it on a table??  She doesn't have that many friends, so I started naming them.  After going back and forth for 10 minutes, asking questions and having her say "no!" she finally gave me a clue to work with.  "He lives in Chicago!"  You would think that would make it a lot easier.  Unfortunately, she met at least 50 family members in Chicago and more than one wears glasses.  She just kept repeating "You remember?  In Chicago my friend with the glasses spins them on the table.  It was really funny.  Remember?!"

And then it hit me.  I finally figured out this mysterious "friend with the glasses" .  At my grandpa's house he always has mixed nuts and pistachios on his kitchen table.  He also wears glasses.  But he does not spin them on the table. 

However, I do have a cousin that wears glasses, who was at Pa's house with us... and I now recall him spinning them on the table for Adalee.  She even drew a picture for him, of himself.  She even included the glasses in her picture :)  So I went through the pics on the computer and showed her his picture to confirm.  Yes!  I got it right.

Jacob Ochoa, you are the friend with the glasses!  Thank God we figured that out.  She was so mad at me. You know, for having such an amazing memory, you'd think she'd remember a name...oh well.

After reviewing this picture again, I'm starting to believe that my cousins lied to me and actually drew it themselves.  It's just too good.  And I know that my daughter cannot write "JAKE"  Ha! You jerks either sloppily wrote that for her and lied to me or you made up the whole thing!